Principal's Message

Principals Welcome Message

Hello and Welcome to Sandhills Elementary School!

Sandhills Elementary School is a K-3 school within the town of La Crete. As a primary school we strive to provide all of our students with a learning atmosphere that is safe, caring, fun, and promotes success for all. The Sandhills Staff is highly committed to teamwork and providing students and parents alike with a commitment to learning.

SHES is a school of approximately 285 students. We have a number of programs targeted toward improving and enhancing literacy in the school. Early Literacy Intervention, READ TEAM, Primary Literacy Supports, and English as a Second Language [ESL] programming are a few examples.  We have six Kindergarten [ECS] classes, and five grade 1 classes and four classes each of grades 2 and 3. We have a staff of approximately 40, who pride themselves on providing each student opportunities to be successful learners.

We are proud of our student successes and our school. We are pleased to share our website with you so you can learn more about our school community.